I first tasted wild onions many years ago at a Wild Onion Dinner in my rural hometown of Holdenville, Ok.  I loved them, all cooked in a country Creek Indian way with lots of bacon fat and a little bit of scrambled egg and salt. Their flavor is spicy and hearty and somewhere in between a chive and a green onion, but the best thing about them is: THEY ARE FREE AND ABUNDANT. This morning, after I dropped off my 12-year-old at her middle school, I went foraging.

I think the best place to find wild onions if you’re a city dweller in the Midwest is in abandoned or no longer operating public parks. You don’t have to worry about some old codger being all “Get off my lawn!” and you don’t have to worry about the city “maintaining” the property as anally. No chemicals, no mowing, all natural and wild. A quick drive around the less chemically sprayed parts of town means driving around the less affluent and less developed areas. In Tulsa, the northern, western, and eastern edges of town are all havens holding plots of these precious, delicious veggies. Take a spoon or some other digging device with you to help pull up the entire plant, root and all, cuz the bulb is worthy.

Then bring them home and clean them:


Cut the flagellous roots off, fry, salt and enjoy.


Spring foraging.