Using Privilege for Good

August 23, 2013

I like it when people use their own privilege for good. I've run across this phenomenon a couple of times here recently. So, here's MArk Ruffolo, using his all-American, lovable, hot, rich, white, straight, masculine privilege to give support to the citizens of Mississippi where only 1 medically safe, legal abortion clinic remains open.

I am a man. I could say this has nothing to do with me. Except I have two daughters and I have a mother who was forced to illegally have an abortion in her state where abortion was illegal when she was a very young woman. It cost $600 cash. It was a traumatizing thing for her. It was shameful and sleazy and demeaning. When I heard the story I was aghast by the lowliness of a society that would make a woman do that. I could not understand its lack of humanity; today is no different.
Kudos to Mr. Ruffalo, and kudos to his momma for sharing her story. Call me a bleeding heart liberal if you want, but it was my conservative momma who taught me to use my luck and privilege to help marginalized people around me.

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