Shoshone(i) National Forest is Breathtaking

June 29, 2012

After a long drive Monday, my daughter and I decided to camp about an hour outside of Yellowstone in Shoshone National Forest. Beautiful. It was my daughter’s first overnight in a tent somewhere other than our backyard. Here’s a picture of our tent’s front yard at sunset:


Shoshone was the first forest designated a National Forest, so declared by Benjamin Harrison. It got its name from one of the indigenous tribes, the Shoshoni, that lived and worshipped and ate and made babies, etc. in the area before the U.S. Government kicked them out. The history of the land is way more rotten than the USDA’s website lets on. Didja know that Sacajawea was a Shoshoni? And, just a quick review, we all know she was probably not so much a willing guide as she was a kidnapped adolescent, right? I can hear the poo-pooers now: “Why do you have to focus on the negative?” Well, sir or madam, I’m not focusing on the negative, I’m acknowledging the real history since the shiny, watered-down version is plastered all over the park and on the official website for my daughter to “learn.” And that’s how I parent.

Anyway, my daughter and I had an amazing experience in that forest, near the river, on the mountainside. We took a hike and gathered some sage, which just grows wild everywhere. Saw the teeniest little chipmunks darting about. It’s a very, incredibly, humbling, breathtakingly, amazingly awesome environment…thanks to the Shoshoni and everyone else who has taken such great care of it for the last 10,000 or so years.  And I highly recommend it over Disneyland if you’re looking for a family vacation.


One Response to “Shoshone(i) National Forest is Breathtaking”

  1. Beamish Says:

    That is one gorgeous, painful lesson.

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