New Favorite Places

June 23, 2012

Hello! This week I have been doing some preparing for an upcoming camping trip. Took out my tent, set it up to make sure it’s in good shape, and I discovered that I had a broken tent pole. Can’t pitcha tent with a broken pole. So, I went to this great camping store here in downtown Tulsa (Just Camp) to look for a replacement tent pole. This place is a huge warehouse of discount camping stuff. Think somewhere between Army Surplus and Bass Pro, but not like either in the ways that those places can be obnoxious. The lady there, fit as hell in her 50s, found a repair kit and repaired the pole for me. Cheap fix, yay! The best new place I visited in person this week, hands down. 

Also found a new favorite internet place: Letters of Note. This place came to me via my friend and yours, Beamish. From the website: “Letters of Note is an attempt to gather and sort fascinating letters, postcards, telegrams, faxes, and memos.” And it does. Here’s a particularly historic and inspiring letter from 1865 in which Jourdan Anderson, newly freed Black man, responds to his former master who wanted him to return to the old Tennessee plantation to work again. HA!

To newness,



One Response to “New Favorite Places”

  1. Beamish Says:

    Letters of Note is the bomb dot com. As are you. And that tent pole fixin’ ma’am downtown, sounds like. 🙂

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