Rally Against The Personhood Amendment

February 28, 2012

Today was a good day to protest the “Personhood Amendment.” I went to the Capitol building in OKC with my daughter and friends Daniel, Amanda, Sara, and Amelia. Here’s Daniel and his super sweet sign:

Daniel of Tulsa.

I was also happy to see people of various religious affiliations – and none – all on the same page.

Ashley Combs of Midwest City, Baptist. Micala Wood of Mustang, Lutheran.

Sarah of Choctaw.

Eva from Tulsa. Christian. Or, as she put it, "super churchy."


Michael Ashby of Norman. Professor.

LaDonna Hunt of OKC. Secretary of OK County Democrats. Unitarian.


Jessica and Anthony of Mustang.

And I want to be her when I grow up:

Nancy Zorn of Warr Acres. Protestant.

Proud to be an Okie,



7 Responses to “Rally Against The Personhood Amendment”

  1. Daniel Says:

    I’m totally stealing your picture. I hope you don’t mind, you know, since it’s a picture of me.

    Thanks so much for having me tag along. Love you all.

  2. Eden Hemming Says:

    So awesome. Wish we could have gone too!

  3. Miz H Says:

    Beaming with pride.

  4. eva Says:

    It was good! We’ve got to keep it up, though, the fight is not over!! This is not just for us, this is for our precious precious daughters – and for our sons, because the world is a better place for EVERYONE when women have power and control over their own destiny.

  5. Courtney Says:

    These are beautiful photos of beautiful people with an important message–what an inspirational post!

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