Pretty New Jewelry!

May 1, 2011

I’m really not much of a jewelry person, but lately I’ve been experimenting with finding jewelry that suits me. Most of the time when I try to wear jewelry, I feel like I just look like a little girl playing in her mommy’s costume jewelry. But I have two new favorite pieces of jewelry that I just recently acquired, and I think they both have just the right amounts of pretty and bad-ass. See:

new jewelry

I got the new earrings from the boy I’m dating (cue awe). They were made by a lovely artist named Rachel who lives here in Tulsa. And I think they are beeeeeeeeeeeeeautiful! That color green?! And the long, straight plume over the smaller feather?! Oh my goodness, I want to kiss them. I got the new bracelet, thanks to my friend Amanda. I love the gold and toughness, and I wear it almost every day now. Also, yes I do sit so contemplative in my kitchen all the time ♥




9 Responses to “Pretty New Jewelry!”

  1. Adam Says:

    I TOLD you he was nice.

    Here’s what your kitchen reminds me of-

    Me: hey, does this fan work?

    You, with amazing indignation: NO!!

  2. Sarah H Says:

    Dang, lady. You so pretty.

  3. Those earrings are fabulous. They look more leaf-like than feather-like in the picture.

    Bracelett is nice too!

  4. okiefeminist Says:

    Thanks, ladies!

    LE – They do look like bright, fresh, Spring leaves 🙂

  5. wilene Says:

    im a FULL blown jewelry junkie esp if its handmade, or upcycled!! love them both!

  6. Mellealou Says:

    Beautiful. All of it. You, the jewelry, and the photograph. Love it.

  7. Eden Hemming Says:

    I didn’t realize he gave you those earrings! He’s got excellent taste. But we already knew that, didn’t we?

    And I agree, even in person, they look like leaves.

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