Vote! (Against State Question 751)

October 12, 2010

Are you disgusted and grossed out buy all the embarrassing hatred and bigotry going around our pretty little peaceful state? You feel like leaving this beautiful state because Oklahoma only makes the news for being full of gay-haters, environment-haters, cultish types and racists? Then you need to vote on November 2, 2010. And you need to vote NO on State Question 751:


This measure amends the State Constitution. It adds a new Article to the Constitution. That Article deals with the State’s official actions. It dictates the language to be used in taking official State action. It requires that official State actions be in English. Native American languages could also be used. When Federal law requires, other languages could also be used.

These language requirements apply to the State’s “official actions.” The term “official actions” is not defined. The Legislature could pass laws determining the application of the language requirements. The Legislature would also pass laws implementing and enforcing the language requirements.

No lawsuit based on State law could be brought on the basis of a State agency’s failure to use a language other than English. Nor could such a lawsuit be brought against political subdivisions of the State.

This English-only bill will keep young, smart, talented people from moving here.

It makes hard-working, diversity-loving, well-educated parents like me want to grab my kid and high tail it out of the state and go find a better-paying  job in one of the dozens of open-minded, classy states across the country.

It will prevent businesses from moving here because noone wants to work in a hateful, no-fun social environment.

It’s completely and utterly unnecessary. It will waste money. Lots of money. Our fuckin’ money.

Also, what Representative Mike Brown said: “I hope people are educated enough to realize English is our official language. Oklahoma’s law books are probably the largest in the nation, and we continually load them up with Christmas tree ornaments in elections.”

One poll showed that 85% of Oklahoma respondents support the measure. Not a good sign, folks. Oklahoma NEEDS your vote! And if you need more reasons to vote on November 2nd, here ya go!

Are ye Okie or are ye bigot?




9 Responses to “Vote! (Against State Question 751)”

  1. beamish Says:

    ya got mine!

  2. Courtney Says:

    And not to mention State Question 755 regarding Sharia law.,_State_Question_755_(2010)

    I can’t believe these are real things that we have to vote on.

  3. Thanks. I am definitely voting but I am, ah, a little slow in informing myself.

    Does anyone know what the law about schools is that we are supposed to be voting for (can’t remember the number)? I saw a “Vote No on…” ad talking about there being “no guarantee that the money would go to classrooms” a few nights ago but it didn’t tell me anything about what the proposal actually was.

  4. Alicia Says:

    I couldn’t agree more! Amen Sista.
    Since ballotpedia seems to not be working I don’t know the exact number either…but what is your opinion on the ‘voter i.d.’ proposal?

  5. Lealou Says:

    If anyone wants to become more informed with 744, there is a rally Saturday morning at 10am at Baxter’s Interurban Grill 717 S. Houston.

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