My office is The Office is your office.

May 15, 2010

For those of you who don’t know, I started a job recently as a receptionist. In a state government agency. After 7 years of university and a Master’s degree, I am working an entry-level, no-degree-required job stamping applications, answering phones, and sorting files. Thanks, useless English degree and crap-hole economy!

Still, a couple of things make it one of the most interesting and fascinating experiences of my life so far. One, I get to help people…all kinds of freaks and regular folks. Two, I get benefits so I can go see a BLEEPING doctor without having to save up for the weigh-in. But the best, best, best part is watching the people I work with as if they are characters in a really real reality show.

There’s the sweet, older, cooky lady that wets herself every now-and-then. There’s the former stripper who is now a really smart and tough single mom (not me; i was never a stripper…professionally). There’s the pervy middle-aged guy that gets away with being pervy because he has a slight limp and some mild degenerative muscle disease. There’s the wry, sarcastic gamer guy who is balding prematurely cause he’s so damn bothered by everything not virtual. There’s the partially pilled-out, motorcyle-riding, rocker lady who sometimes is really cool and other times is so blunt she’s just a bitch. There’s the genuinely nice guy who wears cardigans and hip glasses and has a Philosophy degree and that’s precisely why he’s where I am.

Then there’s the ex-jock who has intimidated his way through life and is pissed off because he isn’t the Director of the whole stupid, dysfunctional, bureaucratic mess. And he’s even more pissed off because the Director happens to be a female. Not only that, but she’s a woman… of color! Where do all the former high school quarterbacks go after HS? Where do the Division II linebackers go after getting passed through college by small miracles and athletic advisors? Here. Offices like the one in which I work all over the First World. If I were writing another spin-off of The Office, he would be my David Brent.

Maybe it’s because I’ve watched too much of The Office, but I can’t help but see everyone I work with as some sort of type. Even me. I guess I would be the hopeful yet naive nerd? Or the unstable job dabbler? At any rate, I am truly looking forward to our first big group meeting…I pray somebody breaks out the guitar:



6 Responses to “My office is The Office is your office.”

  1. Ha ha, I guess there are worse things than working in The Office! And I’m glad to hear that you finally have a job with bennies!

  2. VMT Says:

    So really, your just there for the possibility of a sing-a-long? (note to self: watch more British “Office”). Lol. Good luck! You’ll do awesome!

  3. Miz H Says:

    Congrats on the new job! I’m on the market now, myself…

  4. okiefeminist Says:

    Whatif- yes, I liken it to visiting hell and making a party out of the torture. heaven would probably just bore me anyway, and if i don’t laugh at it, i might cry at it. that type of thinking runs endlessly through my head.

    vmt- you know it! a sing-a-long and the all-staff indoor cookouts 🙂 seriously, that one happened friday.

    miz h- eek! let me know if i can help…

  5. beamish Says:

    wow, The Office as a concept just blew my mind.

    the world is a stage!

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