Here’s to My Good, Wise Mommy.

May 9, 2010

My mommy. I love her. She always gives me sacks of stuff that nobody would ever need or want. Like junk mail that still comes to her house in my name every now and then. And like old denim jeans that a have elastic waist bands and no pockets. And like bric-a-brac she wins in Secret Santa gift exchanges.

But she has also given me loads of stuff that I could have never, ever lived without. Here’s some of that stuff:

1. Respect yourself.

2. Don’t waste money on fads.

3. Keep your eye on the greater good.

4. Help others.

5. Don’t judge others.

6. Nurse your babies.

7. Eat your veggies.

8. Be compassionate.

9. Work hard.

10. Handmade is better.

11. Beware of debt.

12. Be kind to animals.

And here’s some stuff she has tried to teach me, but I haven’t learned yet:

1. Think before you speak.

2. Sometimes silence helps.

3. Be organized.

4. Be clean.

5. Cussing isn’t ladylike.

6. Always send a thank you note.

7. Everything in moderation.

8. Teamwork.

9. Calm down.

10. Talk to God.

11. Know how to play canasta.

12. Don’t burp in public.

I’ve always known that my mom is a really, really good person. And waaaaay wiser than me. Here’s to my mommy and to all good, wise mommies!




3 Responses to “Here’s to My Good, Wise Mommy.”

  1. Lisa Says:

    You’re so cool.

  2. melissa Says:

    I always thought of Connie as one classy lady…

  3. beamish Says:

    here, here!

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