The Art of Butch Anthony

April 8, 2010

I love art and artists without snobbery or pretension. I love art that has an element of DO-IT-YOURSELFNESS but still looks really, totally, absolutely awesome. I love artists that would make art no matter if they made money at it or not. That must be why I love the art of Butch Anthony who has made his grandfather’s log cabin in rural Alabama into ART with deer antlers, hog wire, junkyard finds, and paint.

Here’s some pictures from his home:

butch anthony house

butch anthony house

butch anthony art

I read a great article in the NYT about his country, Southern, folksy, DIY art, and he sounds like a true country gent:

“Like many contemporary artists, Mr. Anthony concerns himself with taxonomies, exploring questions of identity — familial, racial, biological and so forth. Unlike most contemporary artists, he was educated not at art school but in the woods here, where he skinned snakes, hunted raccoons and alligators and dug up arrowheads and fossils.”

On the list TO DO this summer: roadtrip with daughter to see artist Butch Anthony’s home/ compound/ studio/ artsy log cabin in rural Alabama.

Yee haw!



2 Responses to “The Art of Butch Anthony”

  1. such a great article today, I love the white walls and floor–he seems like such an interesting, humble person

    the improper collective

  2. beamish Says:

    how cool! i love natural elements woven into modern design.

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