My love for the vintage blouse…

March 19, 2010

…shall not be extinguished by the welcome Spring.

black and white photo

photo by chuck foxen. vintage teal blouse $4.99 at salvation army on peoria. tulsa.

estate sale blouse

photo by sterlin harjo. vintage navy blouse $2.99 at garage sale 21st st. tulsa.

vintage blouse

photo by spring houghton. cream vintage blouse $4 at big goodwill across the river. tulsa.

Warmer weather means goodbye to the vintage blouse… but my love for it will return when the leaves turn in Autumn. The vintage (read: garage sale or thrift store) blouse has been a fashion staple of mine over the past few cool, wintry months. I love the vintage blouse for its affordability and sturdiness, and because I don’t have to contribute to sweatshop labor-made clothing or the feverish culture of BUY NEW STUFF! And I looooove thinking of who wore the blouse before me, especially when I find one  at an estate sale in some midtown Tulsa mansion. But most of all because they make you look so coooool and instantly classy!

However,  because the vintage blouses that I own are usually made out of polyester, they get a bit toasty and sometimes downright sweaty, and they do not make for breathable warm weather wear.

So, I move on to greener fashion pastures, full of tank tops and jean shorts, skirts and v-necks, summery dresses and leggings. And flip-flops! Goodbye cool class, hello river trash!

I love you, Spring.



3 Responses to “My love for the vintage blouse…”

  1. Jenny Jen Says:

    You are just stunning

  2. JB Says:

    I agree with Jenny Jen. You are stunning!

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