Non-Perishable Food Drive

December 10, 2009

Hi, all,

My sister asked me to donate food or clothing to the needy in lieu of a Christmas gift for herself.  She inspired me to gather some donations for a local food pantry.  I’m coordinating a Food Drive for the Volunteers of America food pantry.  If you are interested in in donating, please let me know!  Bring me your donations, or I’ll pick them up.

More information to come,

Edit, later that same day…

Some information from my contact at VOA:

The food drive would benefit our permanent supportive housing program (homeless services). Here is a blurb about their program:

Volunteers of America of Oklahoma assists single, homeless individuals with disabilities to obtain permanent supportive housing in their own apartment. Offering more than a roof over their heads, our program emphasizes case management tailored to meet the needs resulting from the disability and to connect with available community resources. Although some served through the program will always need case management because of their disability, many have graduated to self-sufficiency.

We put together holiday food baskets for all of the clients in the program as well as maintain a permanent food pantry for the program.


4 Responses to “Non-Perishable Food Drive”

  1. Melody Says:


  2. Miz H Says:

    My Beamish. She is a rockstar. BTW, putting together food baskets is actually a lot of fun.

  3. Matt Says:

    Very cool. Hope the gathering goes well. I bet a lot of people will appreciate your efforts!

  4. spring Says:


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