Indie Emporium this Weekend in Tulsa

October 8, 2009

The independent and local art/ fashion/craft show INDIE EMPORIUM is this weekend, Friday and Saturday. It is at the VFW post on 6th Street. The doors open at 7:00 pm on Friday, and they will be giving away free goodie bags to the first 50 people through the door. That’s why I’m gonna be there at 6:45.

Last year, I bought a super-cute, one-of a kind, up-cycled dress with hand-sewn birdies by a lady named Christine. (However, her Etsy shop is currently down while all her stuff is at the IE show.)

And this year, I’m bound and determined to buy a piece of art from Tulsa’s talented folk artist Heather Sleightholm:


I’m VERY excited about this weekend for many reasons:

  • Indie Emporium was started in 2007 by a group of women who are smart and crafty, and I love going every year because it reminds me that there are optimistic, nice, young, feminist, environmentally-friendly happenings happening here in Oklahoma.
  • I get to look at handmade, pretty- sometimes even beautiful!- local art.
  • I get to support an independent, local, female artist.  Because I have a few dozen extra dollars, which is saying something lately.
  • I get to hang out with tough, pretty ladies.
  • And leave my kid at home!
  • And drink a beer at the VFW!

It really doesn’t get any better that this. Wouldn’t you agree?

Glad Tulsa’s my home,



7 Responses to “Indie Emporium this Weekend in Tulsa”

  1. beamish Says:

    hell yeah!

  2. vmt Says:

    woot woot!
    (p.s. you should link this article to your FB page).

  3. Lealou Says:

    I will meet you guys there!

  4. beamish Says:

    i want something wearable and a piece of art!

  5. beamish Says:

    a print by shanna teague, to be specific!

  6. Miz H Says:

    I got a super cute seahorse family from Colleen (Cloud Cover) and seriously covet the tiny felt robots and Bumbles from Stellabird.

  7. Tara Says:

    Yay! The piece you got is so cute…can’t wait to see it hanging on your wall!

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