September 11, 2009

God did not create them man and woman

And it took a fast, badass

woman from South Africa

to make the rest

of the world realize this.

And I, for one, think this is what you get!

For trying to make every flesh and bone

fit into two stuffy little molds.

Girl. Boy.

Doll. Toy.

For telling the ones born without a penis that they can’t vote,

Can’t pray in church, can’t read, can’t write, can’t drive, can’t show some hair.

Can’t apply for a loan…

Can’t run a business of their own.

Can’t run here.

Can’t run there.

And I think, this is what you get!

For trying to read it in Genesis, and believing that God would write it down.

In a storybook.

A book where men are better, and men save the world.

A world where men can’t vote,

Can’t pray in church, can’t read, can’t write,

Unless they’re white.

This is what you get!

Now where are you gonna run?

Back to your birth certificate?

Back to the hospital that issued it?

Back to your mama?

Back to the doctor who got it wrong?

Back to the book or the publisher?

Back to the singer or the songwriter?

Back to the hammer or the nail?

Back to the proof of ownership?

Or the proof of citizenship?

Back to bed

To rest your head.

This is what you get!

For trying to figure it.

For trying to categorize it.

For trying to test it.

For trying to stop it.

And I’m not hating anyone.

But think twice next time you pray

‘God sent His only begotten Son…’

Think twice

how you’re gonna call this One.

This One saving the world?

This One badass girl.



10 Responses to “Untitled”

  1. Samantha Says:

    Nicely written…. and like your take on the whole situation!

  2. Miz H Says:

    You know what I want to see? I want to see her say “screw you guys,” enter men’s races and kick all their asses like a modern day Atalanta. Then she can turn around, flip them the bird and announce “You got beat by a GIRL!”

  3. beamish Says:

    holy fuck, spring! did you write that?! it’s amazing!

  4. Daniel Says:

    Two opposable thumbs way, way up.

  5. Courtney Says:

    I LOVE THIS! It’s a great poem and it gets to the heart of things so beautifully–delicate and hard-nosed.

  6. spring Says:

    Thanks for all your compliments, now y’all wanna help me title it?

  7. Sterlz Says:

    Bad Ass Girl!

  8. spring Says:

    Hi Sterlz- Are you talking to me, or is that your suggestion for a title?

  9. beamish Says:

    i kinda like untitled. goes with the theme of things that defy categorization.

  10. Tara Says:

    Wow! I love this! Thanks for sharing!!

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