Sunday Art Chat: Laura Berger

August 23, 2009

Lealou tuned me in to this week’s featured Sunday Art Chat artist, a talented lady from Chicago named Laura Berger. Here’s some of her art (from her etsy shop, if ya wanna support her financially, i’m sure she’d appreciate it):

Coming Up for Air

Coming Up for Air



You Are Beautiful

You Are Beautiful

Bundled Mustard

Bundled Mustard

One-two Hookah

One-two Hookah

Tree Hug

Tree Hug

There is something very calming about her art, and it’s not just the reassuring, good-for-you messages in pieces like Tree Hug or You Are Beautiful. It’s as if there is kindness and love painted into the characters and transferred through the colors. Or something. I like, also, that she says in her bio:

I’m a self-taught artist and illustrator based in Chicago, Illinois. 

Wishes of happiness! For you, for me.

I think the absence of pretension in art is one of its most aesthetically pleasing and emotionally moving aspects. Pretense-free art is the kind of art that I truly adore. It’s so revolutionary, to me. It’s kinda punk, without the loudness. It’s anti-art, without being ‘anti’ anything. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy some of the established greats like Khalo or Klimt, too, but it’s just that I get kinda tired of seeing big, loud pieces hanging up in big, quiet museums. I mean, wouldn’t it be awesome to see Bundled Mustard blown up the size of a giant Pollack, hanging adjacent to his splatters in the MOMA?

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy. And, as for me, I’m settling on buying a little 8″ X 10″ print of Bundled Mustard




7 Responses to “Sunday Art Chat: Laura Berger”

  1. Courtney Says:

    I think your description of this art is really beautiful (and the art is beautiful, too). I love the idea of unpretentious art as anti-, but also non-anti-. I love it love it love it.

  2. “You Are Beautiful” reminds me of Operation Beautiful (

    I think “Output” is my favorite, since it can express so many good things at once: finding your voice, making music, making art, loving other people, and on and on. And I really love that her people are all the shape of babies (kind of chubby with slightly-too-large heads) rather than stick figures. 😉

  3. Lealou Says:

    Yay! Laura is a truly gifted and amazing woman. I love your description of feeling the love and kindness that comes through in her work. I own a great piece of hers and am so glad that you shared her stuff.

  4. beamish Says:

    just plain lovely

  5. Miz H Says:

    I am thinking about how perfect You Are Beautiful would look in my baby’s room…

  6. spring Says:

    thanks for the compliment, courney, and i’m glad you like the art.
    whatif- i LOVE output, too. it’s actually the one i stared at the longest- it made my imagination run wild!
    miz h- aaaaaaawwwwweeeeeeeee…cuuuuuuuuute! 🙂

  7. Miz H Says:

    I’ve looked at her etsy shop at least once every day. Sometimes it makes me cry a little.

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