Gratitude to Dr. George TIller

May 31, 2009

Some of you may have heard about the doctor who gave abortions, Dr. George Tiller. He was killed today, Sunday, in his church, where he was an usher and his wife was singing in the choir. I was so saddened by this story…maybe because it’s so close to us here in Tulsa. Or maybe because I felt so sorry for his family. Or the women he helped. But what is one to do?

It seems to me like these murders, the murders of abortion providers, are always chalked up to a psychopath. Like this one crazy zealot who got loose and went on a rampage. But I don’t think so. It seems to me like there is a culture of black and white thinking, of good versus evil, that produces these types of criminals. Cuz this isn’t random. It’s not like, “oh, damn, it’s just human nature to kill.” Cuz this type of murder is extremely premeditated. And it’s about an ideological debate that turned to violence. The Dr. had received death threats before. The killer went into his church and knew what he looked like, and singled him out. But it’s impossible to get inside the mind of people that want to eliminate people who think things different from themselves. It’s so confusing…I guess I’ll stop.

Anyway, my utmost gratitude goes out to Dr. Tiller and his friends and family and patients. And I’m so sorry about this tragedy.



8 Responses to “Gratitude to Dr. George TIller”

  1. beamish Says:

    i just heard the news, too. completely agree with you.

  2. What happened to Dr. Tiller is awful, and I am even more worried about the women who will need this procedure in the near future.

  3. Michael Says:

    I am saddened by this as well. I thought our society was at least passed the murdering abortion doctors phase. I guess not.

  4. Miz H Says:

    There’s a website called Heart Breaking Choice that has a section of “Kansas Stories”–all about women who had to travel to see Dr. Tiller because of terrible circumstances. It’s eye-opening and it really drives home what an amazing, compassionate, loving man Dr. Tiller was.

  5. Daniel Says:

    Miz H raised a good point to me not long ago–it’s the people who carry out crimes like this that actually make the most sense of their anti-abortion standpoint. So much of pro-life rhetoric labels of medical abortions as the murder of children. But what would they–or any of us, for that matter–do if we were actually witnessing children being murdered? Say you’re walking down the street and you see a man mere seconds away from taking a knife to baby. Undoubtedly, you wouldn’t stop to evaluate the situation and balance the legal consequences of our actions–no, your primal instincts would take over and you’d do whatever was necessary to stop the guy.

    Now, for all the people that call abortion doctors murders and abortion genocide–in a bizarre, twisted way it’s the people that assassinated the doctors and bomb the clinics that actually *believe* that. I imagine in the suspect’s mind, he TRULY believes that Dr. Tiller was an evil man getting away with the systematic murder of children.

    (Don’t get me wrong. There’s no justification of this crime, and I’m not defending this nut case. Nor do I think abortion is murder, or that it should be illegal!)

  6. Miz H Says:

    To clarify, my greater point was that people who truly think “abortion is murder” are few and far between and wind up doing stuff like this and, while no doubt crazy, are just that–mentally ill and doing what they really think is right.

    The rest of the “abortion is murder” people? Are either really ok with murdering children to let it go on without collapsing in horror all the time OR (and this is what I really think) are just douchebag poseurs who hate women and/or are brainwashed by the Church.

  7. spring Says:

    Yeah, I understand, Daniel and Miz H. Good point.

  8. spring Says:

    Wow, I just looked at that website A Heart Breaking Choice… AMAZING!

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