Gov. Kathleen Sebelius

April 20, 2009

The anti-choice right wing is up in arms over President Obama’s nominee to lead the Department of Heath and Human Services.

Gov. Kathleen Sebelius has support of senators from both parties, and has spent the last 20 years in public service, ensuring that Kansans are healthy and safe, first as a state representative and then as insurance commissioner.

But she’s pro-choice – so the right wing is pulling out all the stops to defeat her.

I just wrote my senators to let them know that the American pro-choice majority isn’t going to stand for it. Will you send a letter too?

Blocking Gov. Sebelius’ nomination is only the beginning. If the far right succeeds, they will be emboldened to shred the credibility of future nominees simply to appease their right-wing base.

Please, join me in taking action:

Thanks for your help with this.

–beamish and NARAL


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