Stop the Next Prop 8

April 15, 2009

I pass this along:


I’m not sure if you’ve heard about this, but ever since lesbian
and gay couples in Iowa won the right to marry, conservative
groups have been running a campaign to take away that right.

It’s the exact same thing they did in California with
Proposition 8: an attempt to write discrimination into the state
constitution. And we cannot let it happen again.

You should watch the disgusting TV ad they’re running – it’s
full of the lies that they want to use in Iowa and elsewhere.
Then, send a letter asking Iowa’s legislative leaders to stay
strong in the face of this pressure:

In a single week, Vermont and Iowa won equal marriage rights for
lesbian and gay couples – these are major victories for
fairness, and the right wing is lashing out. They must not have
the last word on this!

Please pass this along to everyone you know (especially in Iowa,
but across the country as well).

Thank you.


6 Responses to “Stop the Next Prop 8”

  1. Miz H Says:

    Oh, FUCK YOU, commercial! Fuck you saying “rainbow coalition,” fuck your lies, fuck your disgusting false sincerity. I wish there was a hell so you could burn in it. I’m glad this is a safe place for my rage. Ok. I think I’m better now.

  2. Miz H Says:

    Also, do you think Rachael Maddow will gay marry me?

  3. beamish Says:

    that was some nice ragin’!!! go, miz h! i’m so right there with you.

  4. jeff Says:

    Do not worry. I suspect that the conservative people are just scared their children will be ‘gayified’ like it is something you catch. Once they see it not happening most will ease up. There will always be people opposed to this lifestyle, but that’s OK they have the right to speak too. They have the right to their opinions too just like everybody else. But when they try to pass laws that stop some one else we must rise in opposition. And no, in a democracy, it never ends.

  5. spring Says:

    miz h- i know! the “rainbow coalition” thing is totally co-opting at its sleeziest! i wanted to puke on rte. 66 for that one 🙂

    jeff- i agree with your point about change taking time. and also that we gotta do a bit more than just wait. thanks so much for visiting our site…i hope you come back!

  6. GAY TAX REVOLT – we’re just killing time until then…..

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