It is Still Patriotic to Dissent

March 27, 2009

In light of Obama’s speech this morning about war in Afghanistan, I thought I would link to this article called “Obama is not a God” written by an author I really admire named Courtney E. Martin.  She articulates some of my reservations about lauding Obama as a “perfect” candidate from a progressive and feminist point of view, and she argues that “liberals need to understand that Obama can never live up to his golden image–but they should hold him accountable for the campaign promises he’s made.”  She wrote the article during the campaign, but I think it is especially relevant right now. While I support Obama, I do not agree with all of his decisions so far. And I believe that we need to talk about the weaknesses just as much as the strengths of the person WE voted into the Presidential office.

I am glad that Obama toned down the machismo that was present in many of Bush’s speeches. However, I don’t like the rhetoric in this morning’s speech that suggests we just need to change the front of the war from Iraq to Pakistan.  Does this mean my friends are gonna have to go to Pakistan now instead of Iraq and Afghanistan?  Does this mean we borrow more money to continue a still unclear, tired war?  

Even though my guy won, I have serious war fatigue and I don’t just want to blindly trust in Obama.  I voted for the ideals that I believe he best represented out of the choices I had. I didn’t vote for his sexy smile or his hot wife (though I do enjoy those). Also, I am still confused about the philosophy behind warring with al-Queida. It seems pointless. Al-Queida doesn’t play by war-rules. It would be like the Dallas Cowboy football team playing the New York Knicks in basketball for a hypothetical Sports War. Two different cultures, two different games, different sets of rules, different tools…it’s a lose-lose situation. 

I also hope that young people’s recent passionate engagement in the political system is not just because we are fans of Obama as a 2-dimensional political character.  He’s not a team mascot, afterall.  It is more important that we be fans of our own ideals and that we understand that Obama will be a better political player if we view him realistically as a human/ person who is not only influential but also influence-able.

I mean, people, this is our chance! Just imagine for a moment how alienated and powerless we would feel if our guy had not won. HELLS BELLS! So let’s keep up the gentle pressure for the advancement of our progressive ideals, those issues that we believe in our heart of hearts will make this a better country and a better world.  Even though I’m tired of war, I’m not tired of advocating for change and righteousness.  It is still patriotic to dissent!

May intelligence, reason, and compassion prevail,



4 Responses to “It is Still Patriotic to Dissent”

  1. Courtney Says:

    I still need to read Obama’s speech and the Martin article. Buuuuuuuttt, I’m really starting to believe that dissent is the very definition of patriotism. So then, when you dissent, what are you dissenting against–your country (at least in part). So what makes you of your nation is that you are against your nation. (PS: This is going to be my dissertation. Fa realz.)

  2. beamish Says:


  3. sterlz Says:

    Forget that… he IS god. Or at least I’ll give him 8 years to prove me wrong.

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