update on job loss

February 27, 2009

thanks for all of your comments and support and care. i really don’t want to sound whiney. in fact, i am just one of the MILLIONS of people who are out-of-work right now. and i am MUCH more fortunate than most: i only have a small family (a daughter, myself, a dog, and sometimes a partner) to support. i own my home. i have NO debt and some savings (because i have been both lucky and stubborn). i am young. i am college-educated. etc.

but, really, i wanted to have a discussion about jobs, our fears, the economy, why we as a country are in this mess, what we can do to get out of the mess. i am a little bit scared about our economy not just as Americans, but as human beings. are you scared, too?

fellow POP contributor, beamish, sent me a link one time about urban families or something like that (could you find that, darling?) and my friends daniel, holly, and brek have started an urban family circle where people share their expertise and BEER! with each other. and i really say this because, to me and many other people i think are smarter than me, it looks like sharing, trading, and helping each other is both the way out of our current perpetual-debt and economic madness AND into mentally healthier, physically healthier, environmentally friendlier, and better lives.

i think it is high time we say goodbye to stingy, greedy, individualistic, gotta-get-ahead-shithead mindset. and it’s time to progress! 

what do y’all think?

love ya to bits,


p.s. in light of all this, my new idea for a job is to start a small coffee-diner-curiosity shop (kinda like a real-world etsy shop but i have no idea where i’ll get the start-up capital but maybe i’ll experiment to see if i can do without?!?!?! more on this later).


8 Responses to “update on job loss”

  1. thewhatifgirl Says:

    I definitely think that, no matter what you do, you’ll be successful at it, even if you aren’t successful in the way that you think you will be.

    But practically, I think it’s important to have an online presence for something like that. Unfortunately, Tulsa is just a little too small (or… whatever) to truly support a business like that (especially in times like these), but if you can sell your products to anyone in the world who has a credit card and speaks English, you have a much bigger audience. Maybe you could even sort of combine it with another, already-existing business so that both of the businesses can boost each other…? Seems like it’d be pretty rad to have Spring’s Cafe and, say, Under the Mooch trading customers with each other. 😀

    Where do you want to do it?

    Also, I think there are places that will give you money to help you start your business on the simple basis of being a woman who is starting her own business. I bet you could just Google “women entrepeneur” and find some stuff.

    Told you I have lots of ideas. 😉

  2. thewhatifgirl Says:

    Er, the part that starts “maybe you could even sort of combine…” is supposed to be a new paragraph. I had too many thoughts running through my head too fast. 😉

  3. thewhatifgirl Says:

    Hmm, here’s another thought: Fashion’s Invisible Woman. Though I don’t know how much clothing design you do. 🙂

  4. spring Says:

    oooh…the invisible woman article is very interesting! thanks for all the suggestions, whatif. i’ll keep you updated.

  5. beamish Says:

    was it maybe an article about urban tribes? i can’t remember…

  6. spring Says:

    yes, that’s it! urban tribes!

  7. thewhatifgirl Says:

    Brad and I had a pretty brilliant idea (if I must say so myself) after we talked to you yesterday. You could have classes at your diner on how to grow food sustainably, cook seasonally, how to grow food if you live in an apartment, etc. Then people would hopefully stay to eat your excellent food, too…

  8. spring Says:

    whatif- that’s a GREAT idea! and you could teach one of the classes! or, at least, demonstrate one of your favorite culinary experiments, eh? i’ve been doing some “research” on restaurants while on my roadtrip, and by “research” i mean eating out alot 🙂

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