i lost my job today

February 25, 2009

so, now i’m thinking of what i can do next:

1. freelance writing (though that probably won’t pay the bills)

2. sell coffee and food items out of a trailer, carnival style (i make killer fried okra and quiche)

3. go back to school for a phd (would this just be putting off inevitable unemployment?)

i just don’t know!!!!!!!

i need your help…what do you think i should do next?



7 Responses to “i lost my job today”

  1. Courtney Says:

    I wrote out the best advice ever, and then the stupid internet connection I was stealing from broke–SO FRUSTRATING. Rest assured that I think a) fried okra and quiche are not the least of your many talents, b) that you will be successful at anything you decide to do, and c) your next profession needs to be worthy of your love and energy.

  2. spring Says:

    oooooh, courtney…that’s good. thanks, darling!

  3. Daniel Says:

    Oh no, I’m sorry to hear that Spring! Sorry, I’m not much of an advice giver, just sympathetic.

  4. thewhatifgirl Says:

    Oh man, that really sucks. Like Daniel, I don’t have any good advice. But I will buy as much friend okra and quiche as I possibly can…

  5. thewhatifgirl Says:

    Ooh, I just had a thought – what about an Etsy shop? (http://www.etsy.com/) Though I don’t know how much you could make off of that…

  6. Miz H Says:

    I’m sorry, Spring. That sucks.

  7. beamish Says:

    are you gonna talk to kay about that position she mentioned?

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