Philbrook Museum is FREE This Saturday!

February 11, 2009

Every 2nd Saturday of the month, the Philbrook Museum is free! So, if you wanna go see some art, you should. This Saturday, I am particularly excited about going because:

#1. My dear, dear friend Ashlei is coming to stay the weekend with me! I haven’t seen her for a long, long time. She has been in Iraq for over a year, and we haven’t had a chance to get together in-person since she’s been back, so I am overly excited…I’m so excited, I’m probably going to get on her nerves. I’m, like, spastic and hyper excited!

#2. There are going to be some T.C. Cannon paintings there.  I don’t know if this one will be there, but the polka dots and the pregnancy reminded me of MIA at the Grammys:


Grandmother Gestating Father and the Washita River Runs Ribbon Like

#3. There’s gonna be some photographs by Richard Avedon, who took my favorite photo of Cat Power:


#4. And some photography by Mary Ellen Mark, whose book of photography entitled Twins has always intrigued me:


#5. Besides daydreaming, writing, reading, dressing up, drinking beer, and laughing, taking pictures in a photo booth is one of my favorite things to do. And there’s gonna be a FREE photo booth at the Philbrook this Saturday!

Already Looking Forward to the Weekend,



5 Responses to “Philbrook Museum is FREE This Saturday!”

  1. Michael Says:

    Thanks for letting me know about this. I am kinda excited. I was looking for something to do on that day.

  2. Courtney Says:

    Hooray for art and girlfriends and hyperness!

  3. Miz H Says:

    Free photo booth? Oh boy!

  4. thewhatifgirl Says:

    Yay for friends coming back from Iraq! And free art, too.

  5. Daniel Says:

    Cool. I’m excited to see the photography.

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