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January 16, 2009

I went on vacation with my mom over the winter break.  We went to a ‘resort’ in the Dallas suburbs called the Great Wolf Lodge, and in the hotel bathroom, there was a sign that displayed the hotel’s commitment to environmental protection and conservation.  And they asked us, the hotel clients, to help them out by reusing our towels, etc.  I would have done this anyway, but I was very skeptical of their sign.  Were they really committed to conservation or were they just trying to get us to help them save money?  I decided on the latter, and began to get very depressed about this stupid ‘resort’ and other businesses like them that tout green practices without any real environmentalism.  So much greenwashing going on, so little change.

If you are anything like me, you are a bit overwhelmed with all the stuff you are supposed to do to help the ailing Earth and all the people that live on it. A bit overwhelmed and maybe a bit annoyed also with companies trying to make a quick dollar off of environmentalism as a new, hot, fashionable trend.  For example, about a year ago, DKNY spray painted bikes neon orange and put them all over NYC during NY Fashion Week.


 Greenwashing in fashion, I must say, is one of my pet-peeves.  DKNY was trying to promote a green bike-riding lifestyle alongside their brand, but eventually the police just carted all the bikes away, and they ended up in overflowing landfills.  I like looking at pretty, expensive clothes that have an incredible amount of hard work and imagination put into them, but there’s nothing creative about lying about your business to try to get people to like you.  But it doesn’t just happen at the high fashion companies.  Like, when a regular, made-in-Taiwan, sweatshop T-shirt shipped to all 6,500-some-odd Wal-Marts says GREEN in green paint on the front. I’m sorry, Wal-Mart, I still don’t like you.  

So, we know what NOT to do…but what is it that we CAN do?  I recently ran across this one blog called “Green With A Gun” (YAY!), and the blogger has a pretty good list of things to do as an individual to create less waste and truly help out the Earth. A few of my favorites, are:




WALK OR RIDE A BIKE! (The hardest one for me, by far. But, I’m going to be trying extra hard this year.)

And, finally, I’d like to point out that environmentalism is not necessarily a left or right, Democratic or Republican, progressive or conservative issue.  Check out this Oklahoma-based blog: Red State Green. The tag-line, which this progressive loves, is “Conservation is Conservative.”  The Republican blogger has been farming organically for years, which is something truly, truly helpful, unlike painting bikes neon orange and scattering them all over Manhattan. 

All my Okie love,



5 Responses to “environmentalist, green, sustainable, earth-friendly, greenwashing, Wal-Mart, DKNY, OK, oh my!”

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  2. Why, thank you! 🙂

  3. thewhatifgirl Says:

    You can get a daily tip here. My only complaint is that a lot of the tips are about buying (expensive) stuff, but you can always just ignore those.

  4. Kiashu Says:

    How’s that walking and cycling going?

    Bin that fricking car, I tell you. Bin it!

  5. spring Says:

    kiashu- um, the cycling is going much better than the walking. it is sooooo hard to not have a car with a kid. there should be a website devoted to that issue- is it even possible to raise kids without a car (if you live in a city in the midwest of america)?

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