December 25, 2008

post comments for last entry here.  i don’t know what’s wrong with the comment function or how it got turned off!  that’s what i get for blogging at 2 a.m.!


3 Responses to “comments”

  1. Daniel Says:

    Thanks Sara, that was awesome.

    I first heard of FFL when Sarah Palin became McCain’s running mate, did a quick read, then brushed them off after reading the more ugly details in the corners of their website. It seemed so odd to me that Palin would align herself with something that said “feminism”, as she was so obviously NOT a feminist.

    I am STILL intrigued by FFL, though. I think it’s because there’s an inherent sense of contradiction in their name (and, of course, their most famous member). Most people cannot imagine a feminist being pro-life, or rather, a person with an anti-abortion stance also being a fervent supporter of women’s rights beyond the right to abortion.

    But can the two go hand-in-hand? It seems to me that FFL are not doing the work they claim to be doing–instead, they are taking the “easy way out” by resorting to scare tactics, propaganda, and outright misinformation on the abortion issue. Is there any group that calls themselves pro-life (or any other ambiguous term that essentially means “against abortion”–as Sara said, it all comes down to semantics) who DOES say something along the lines of “yes, abortions are bad, no one likes them, we are against abortions, we will never endorse them–but we must keep them legal while we are working our asses off to build a society that provides comprehensive health care to all its citizens and educates young people about responsible reproductive practices including the various birth control options and creates an adequate working environment for career-minded mothers and welcomes all newborns with all the resources necessary for a healthy upbringing and supports their parents (whether married or not) when they are unable to support themselves and make the adoption process infinitely easier on both ends so that a mother can safely and confidentially seek the adoption alternative to abortion and that prospective adoptive parents including single men and gay couples and married couples seeking to adopt not simply because of fertility problems can easily bring an orphan into their care and several other projects that will not only better the lives of everyone living here, but making the procedure virtually obsolete. Donate now.”?

    Is the difference between pro-life and pro-choice as simple as one side saying legalize it and the other saying ban it?

  2. spring Says:

    a while back i read an article somebody who made a distinction between the groups of terms “pro-life/ pro-choice” and “pro-abortion/ anti-abortion”. they preferred to use “pro-abortion” and “anti-abortion” because those terms left the emotional rhetoric out of the debate. (even though i kinda disagree, i see understand the distinction and the preference.) i guess it could be said that the difference between pro-life and pro-choice is kinda exaggerated and general, because both are so loaded and pointedly AGAINST each other. it seems to me like both terms attempt to clarify their stances in a kind of vacuum. and both terms by themselves are pretty much unambiguously positive. i mean nobody’s gonna call themselves anti-choice or anti-life.

  3. Miz H Says:

    I think that organization you’re looking for, Daniel, (or at least the closest anyone’s come so far) is a little-known group called “Planned Parenthood.”

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