One Lame Prick

May 22, 2008

Senate Bill 163 by Rep. Randy Terrill, R-Moore, is trying to make English the state’s official language. Terrill and other supporters of this bill claim that this is just a nice, protective attempt to conserve our tax dollars.  Their bill will do away with translations into languages besides English for public services and any other dealings with the state government.

But I don’t think that’s all it will do.  I think Terrill is sending a loud message that diversity is not welcome.  I think he is racist, and he might not even know it.  Because, let’s face it, it’s not French or Swedish that he has a problem with.  It’s just Spanish…go read his blog:

He rants against “multiculturalism” and “multilingualism” and calls for everybody in America to “assimilate”.  Those are very big words but they don’t cover up a small mind…they come from the same old, paternalistic storyline out of any American history textbook.  Remember boarding schools for Native Americans?  When the American government swore it was doing a good thing for Indians by punishing them for speaking their first languages.  Remember Japanese internment camps?  When the American government was scared regular Japanese-Americans were plotting against them in Japanese.  I don’t either, but I can learn a fuckin’1st grade lesson!  Learn your history or you’re doomed to repeat it!

My mama and daddy taught me to learn as many languages as possible…it could do nothing but make you smarter and better with people.  Terrill’s bill offends my general love of language and words and ultimately the human beings of all shapes and colors who speak them.  NO ONE has the right to legislate culture.  And I’m passing this lesson on to my daughter with or without a crappy bill written by one lame prick.

This bill has already been passed (barely) by our state legislators, but we will get a chance to vote on it probably in November. And please don’t let it pass!  We deserve the right as human beings to create our culture any way we want it.


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