My letter to My Senator, Tom Coburn (R)

April 3, 2008

I wrote one of my senators. He’s one of the most conservative senators in the history of senators. But I was still very nice, don’t you think?

Dear Dr. Coburn,
I teach Freshman Composition and Writing for the Professions at the University of Tulsa, and you are my senator. This is my first letter to a Senator, so please bear with me. I am writing to you because I am very concerned about Oklahoma.  I feel that my beliefs are not being represented.
I am concerned about our incredible farmland, countryside, and small towns (like Holdenville and Wewoka where I grew up) that make Oklahoma so beautiful and unique.  I hope you help out the ‘little folks’ here in your home state.  I hope you don’t support tax breaks for big corporations, because I love all the small mom-and-pop businesses in this state, and I want my senators to make it easier and more profitable for them, not easier and more profitable for Wal-Marts. I’m kind of sick of Wal-Marts, aren’t you?
Also, I believe Oklahoma should be more pro-woman. We have been ranked the 5th worst state for women to live by the Institute for Women’s Policy Research (IWPR). We need to be more supportive of grown women having control of their own bodies, including their reproductive choices.  My dad was a doctor, like you. His name was Dr. Michael Houghton, and he died in 1999 in a small plane crash in Seminole, Oklahoma when I was only 19 years old. He didn’t like giving an abortion, just as women who are faced with that decision don’t like getting an abortion.  But, he was wise enough to know that women have always been giving themselves abortions whether it’s with herbs or coat hangers. As a doctor, he followed the Hypocratic oath and was obligated and proud to provide medically safe abortions to women in need. I hope you agree.
I also wanted you to know that I want representation of my stance on immigration. I love it…I love diversity. I think America is a great place because of diversity. I hope you agree. In elementary school, I was taught that Ellis Island was open and welcome to immigrants. I was taught that America welcomed all people. This inclusive and open stance on immigration always made me proud to be an American. I hope you agree.
I know you are busy and may not even read this letter, but I felt I should let you know what the people you are representing believe…how else can you do your job effectively?
Thank you so much for your time, and let me know if you need a speech writer! 🙂
Spring Michael Houghton

If you want to find out who’s representing you or you want to write your representatives, just go to


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