happy birthday, eleanor roosevelt

October 11, 2007

submitted by k (unknowingly) via beamish:

It’s the birthday of (Anna) Eleanor Roosevelt, born in New York City
(1884), who grew up feeling plain and boring compared to her
beautiful, fashionable mother. She said, “I seemed like a little old
woman entirely lacking in the spontaneous joy and mirth of youth.” But
one day on a train to visit her grandmother, she happened to bump into
her distant cousin, Franklin Delano Roosevelt. They started a secret
courtship and got married in 1905.

The Roosevelts’ marriage nearly ended in 1918, when Eleanor found out
FDR had been having an affair with a secretary. They agreed not to
divorce, but after that Eleanor grew increasingly independent. She
developed her own ideas about politics, joined the Women’s Trade Union
League and the League of Women Voters. When FDR was elected president
in 1932, she helped institute regular White House press conferences
for female correspondents only, which forced many news organizations
to hire women for the first time.

She toured the country during the Great Depression to give her husband
a firsthand account of how people were doing, and she was a supporter
of civil rights before her husband was. In 1936, she started a
syndicated newspaper column called “My Day,” and after her husband
died in 1945, she became a delegate to the United Nations and helped
draft the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948.

Eleanor Roosevelt, who said, “No one can make you feel inferior
without your consent.”


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